About Us

The company was founded by João Fernandes da Silva in 1972, gaining independence from the family business (Casais) where he had worked and been a partner for 35 years. Thus, we represent a company which boasts over 35 years of experience in the Public and Private Building sectors - bearing Building Permits 3234 EOP and 3872 ICC. Over the years, João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. (JFS. S.A.) has demonstrated continued and stable growth as a company. Its root in family has been the cornerstone for a way of doing business and the development of an entrepreneur culture very unique to this company. This unique and infections approach to doing business has spread throughout the company to all levels of employees and collaborators. As such, in the future, JFS hopes to maintain and further cultivate this aspect as it gives us an unquestionable advantage over our competitors in the challenges that lie ahead.

With the passing of its principal founder in 1992 and political and economical changes to the foreign market in which the company operates, together with Portugal’s integration into the EU and more recently: the implementation of an European Market, the international experience obtained with the building venture in Germany, the legal changes to the Commercial Societies Code, the fiscal reform in 1989, the creation of the Euro and a growing tendency towards ”Globalisation” of the economy, all contributed to the company’s necessary transition to Limited Company (SA), giving it the dimension that its growth required and the flexibility to continue developing and operating.

The repeated increases in capital stock and the growing confidence placed in us by our main shareholders, namely: Clients, Suppliers and Financial Backers, have been determining factors in the growth of our company’s image and recognition. The implementation and certification of the company’s quality system by the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, and the development of the company’s industrial park located in Braga, at Quinta do Portelo, Parada de Tibães, with a total area of 56,000 sqm, 30,000 sqm of which currently occupied by 16 pavilions, are factors which contribute to our greatness and degree of responsability.

A new wager is now in the works. The Atlantic Internationalisation of the Palop countries (African Countries with Portuguese as their Official Language), with special emphasis on the partnership implemented in Angola with the creation of JFS Angola, which has been growing successfully. In the year of 2009 we embrace another growing market, Morocco. Thus arises the JFS Maroc, which activities apace in the public works sector.

More recently, in 2010, we entered the Mozambican market, And in 2011. started a partnership with a Brazilian company to study the market in real estate and public works.

With the world financial and economic crisis taken place , there was a need for an overhaul of the group in order to respond effectively to the constant changes and lack of market liquidity. It is here that arises SGPS.

JFS Group it´s a company based on family control business. We have established the Civil Construction sector, either public and private works, as ours main strategic vector for entrepreneurial mission. The company specializes in the construction of civil engineering works, namely residential buildings, hospitals, schools, sport facilities, office buildings, swimming pools, factories, leisure areas, churches and city halls.

Our mission, rooted in solid values, is to fulfil the commitments we undertake in the adaptive, rigorous and competitive manner. Through a personal accompaniment of our clients we aim to establish a solid relationship and a platform of empathy. Our utmost concern is client satisfaction. We strive to achieve this goal by providing services in the form of civil works construction, in compliance with the highest standards of quality and the observation of rules and regulations which govern this activity, particulary with regard to safety and environmental preservation.


In a rapidly changing world constant adjustment is needed, by creating new relationships between organizations and the market, between companies and society, approximating their interests and seeking to achieve common goals.

We understand that a company should promote the welfare of its employees, and always consider the impact of their actions on its environment.

The ethical and socially responsible way we lead our business, along with the accumulated know-how of the construction sector, consolidated by the dedication and expertise of our employees, motivated by good management practices and working conditions, allows us to provide high quality services, which makes us more competitive and ensures the trust of our stakeholders.

As for working conditions, we commit ourselves not only to comply with the required by law, but also to invest in human development, providing our employees the contact with new experiences, ongoing training and technical support in various activities on site, thereby promoting continuous improvement.

As a socially responsible organization, João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. set as pillars of its activity the respect for human rights, investment in personal development, environmental protection and respect for ethical principles and values of society.


João Fernandes da Silva, S.A.’s culture has present a deep social conscience that allows recognizing each employee´s troubles and prompts a continued commitment, so all can remain active and motivated in the performance of their duties.

In order to provide the best integration of its employees, creating durable links and allowing to efficiently and safely develop their jobs, also improving their career, João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. offers training initiatives and encourages professional qualification, integrated with in force governmental programs.

Teamwork and communication among managers, technical staff and employees assume a main role in João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. management, continually looking for ways to improve processes and channels surrounding it.


More than mere suppliers, we want partners who are involved and engaged in the pursuit of our vision. This is of utmost importance to selecting partners aligned with our operational strategies towards the market and the community, scrupulously complying with the standards established by João Fernandes da Silva, S.A., as well as current legislation.


João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. actively seeks to honor the commitments to society and communities in which it operates, either through the payment of social security benefits and tax obligations, or in the sense of stimulating economy, creating jobs, using local partners for their tenders, therefore involving the local community.

It is part of our conduct to have close contact with people, especially the most affected by our contracts, in order to reduce the impact on their life.

For us, it is also an important concern the proper management of natural resources and reducing environmental impact, by reducing the consumption of raw materials, of emissions and waste, giving proper treatment to these in specialized sites for the purpose.


Civil engineering records the passage of men by time.

We seek to leave an indelible mark as a result of years of effort of a company, of a family.

João Fernandes da Silva, S.A. has a huge background in the Construction & Public Works sector, with special emphasis on the construction of residential and office buildings, hospitals and schools, sports facilities and swimming pools, industrial buildings and recreational areas, churches and city councils.

Our civil works reflect our ability and versatility, from the recovery of national monuments to the construction from scratch of large contracts, where all jobs are prepared, planned and built by a team of qualified technicians, who have no obstacles when facing any challenge.